Should You Use a Kindle Formatting Service?

Should You Use a Kindle Formatting Service?

Should You Use a Kindle Formatting Service?

Determining whether you should use a Kindle formatting service is a question that every self-publishing author must ask. There are definite benefits to using such a service, but many authors may not actually need one. In this article, we’ll go over the definition of a Kindle formatting service and explain what they do, as well as help you determine whether you should use one or try to do the formatting yourself.

What is a Kindle Formatting Service?

Understanding Kindle formatting is the first step to determining whether or not you should use a Kindle formatting service. Kindle formatting is the process of making a book ready for the flowing text feature of Kindle. Since people can choose the size of their page and how many words will fit on it, uploading a print book format where the number of words per page is fixed isn’t going to work. Instead, you have to format with the freedom to flow new words onto a chapter if someone makes the font size smaller and vice versa. A Kindle formatting service is a company or individual that does all of that formatting for you. They might use a specific program, or they might use something as simple as Microsoft Word. It all depends upon the formatting service.

How Can a Kindle Formatting Service Help Me?

A Kindle formatting service can be a big help to an author. As an author, you may not be familiar with all of the features that Microsoft Word offers or with how to use the programs that will allow you to format for Kindle easily. If you have the money and do not want to spend time figuring out how to format your book for publication on Kindle, then it might be worth it to hire a service. They can definitely make it easier on you, and most of the time you get a much more professional product because they have experience with formatting and almost every author is going to make mistakes their first time doing it. Plus, Kindle formatting services may have access to software that makes formatting easier and looks better – software that you would have to purchase on your own in order to make your Kindle book look as good.

Should I Use a Kindle Formatting Service?

So, you have to determine whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The advantages we just discussed earlier in the above section: the fact that you get a better product, you might get unique formatting that you would be able to do yourself and the fact that it saves you lots of time. But the disadvantages have to be weighed as well. They include: the cost of hiring the formatting service, the fact that you are not going to be learning how to format which is an important part of self-publishing and the simple truth that no one is going to take as good of care of your book as you will.