Self Publishing Online: Advantages and Disadvantages and How to Publish a Book

Self Publishing Online: Advantages and Disadvantages and How to Publish a Book

Being a writer is a brave choice and also a career path that can bring you a lot of joy and satisfaction. It is a creative outlet and holds different opportunities as there are endless ways how a writer’s career can go. If you choose to write books then one step that often gives young writers difficulties is deciding whether to self-publish or use the services of a publishing houses. Another one, especially relevant nowadays with the rise of publishing online, whether one should choose paper or digital print. Here you will be able to find out what are the benefits and disadvantages of self-publishing online and if it is really the best choice for you.

What are the many main advantages of self-publishing online?

One of the main advantages that come with the decision of publishing your own book is the fact that you are in complete creative control over it.  You will be able to decide what story you want to write and which parts need rewrites. You will not have to follow the latest marketing trends and the best part – after the hard part of writing your perfect book, you will be able to choose the design for it yourself.

What is more, if you publish on your own, you will have the full rights to your own book. That means all the profits from your book will be your own and you will not have to share it with the publishers. Last but not least, publishing online often requires you to put a lot of effort into the process, effort that a big publishing house would not make as most likely you would not be their only client.

What are the biggest disadvantages of self-publishing online?

Unfortunately, there are also many disadvantages of self-publishing online. Firstly, self-publishing is an investment that many people would find expensive. It would require at least $3000 to get everything ready and even though you would not have to work with many people, it is still worth considering having consultations with agents and editors. Money is not the only investment you would be making. Self-publishing, especially self-publishing online requires a lot of effort and patience. For more information on the costs involved in self-publishing, check out Reedsy’s case study on Publishiing a Book

What is more, it is work which’s success is closely connected to discipline. The success of your book will be measured by how much time you are willing to spend working on your book. You will also have to be the master of it all. Having writer’s talent is one thing, but being able to market your book online on your own takes time. It is complicated and many people do not have marketing experience to make the right choices in order to break through.

The last hurdle connected to self-publishing is the label they have – some readers consider them not as professional as the ones in collaboration with big publishers. That is where the quality of the content comes into play to make them change their minds.