Where to publish e-books?

Where to publish e-books?

Self-publishing is less lucrative that one might think. It is actually quite easy and there are plenty of resources out there that can help you out. There is a common misconception that self-publishing involves a lot more work, but truly all you would need to do is make sure that your book is the stuff dreams are made of and everything else can be assisted with online services. Here are some of the best online services that are ready to be there for you when you need them.


Payhip is a great online e-commerce website that offers people to sell any downloadable digital material. It is also a great place to sell e-books. It is a page that offers you the tools to sell your product as it creates an automatic sales page for you. The helpful tools are vouchers, share buttons and easy ways to make B2B deals. It is also considerably cheap as the service only takes about 5 % of your profits.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publish

Amazon, which we all know as one of the biggest online websites for e-books, is the place where you can publish your e-book simply and for free. Amazon would keep about 30 % of the profits your work was going to make, but being on Amazon provides you with immense visibility that other online services cannot offer.


Blurb is a perfect page to create your first e-book if you have never done it before. It is an online tool that can help you with the layouts and formats. It is also a great page to educate yourself about the self-publishing steps and what it takes to create a good book, as they have lots of content and their tools can be used for practise. When your book is completed, you can sell it on the Blurb website itself or move it to Amazon or Apple iBooks Store.


Lulu is one of the best online websites that offer help when creating an e-book. They are one of the sites that offer a complete guide with information how to create an e-book. If you start working with Lulu you will end up with a perfect final result that can be converted either into EPUB or PDF. Lulu even offers a service that would do all the work for you.

These are just a couple examples of where to publish your e-book online. If you have more ideas and suggestions, you are welcome to contact us, we will be very grateful!