Your online public library

Your online public library

What is an online library?

An online library or database is usually made up from many different parts such as reference databases, articles, catalogues, not to mention books and magazines. It is an online resource that has endless amounts of information in any form of digital content. In other words, a library database can be made up out of anything like magazines, journals, research papers and more. Because such databases exist online it means that anyone can have access to them as long as they have internet access.

What are the common differences between different online library databases?

Online libraries usually have different online databases. The most common ones are article databases that contain up to millions of journals, newspapers and magazines. In such libraries people can locate information on any possible subject they can think as long as someone has actually covered the topics in a written form. Of course, sometimes the full articles are available online, but the library provides link and ways to find them at other locations.

Common misconceptions concerning your online public library

Simply because the public library is online, people often tend to assume that it is just the same as a website, while the two things are in fact extremely different. The library database can be accessed from the Internet, but all the information that is contained in such a library comes from printed sources. What is more, even though it does sound unbelievable, many of the data that can be found in an online public library cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. A lot of information that is help on online public libraries are created and stored there by professionals of the field, while a lot of information on the internet comes from untrusted sources and can be created by anyone.

Why do online public libraries exist?

Online public libraries are a great source of information that is efficient and well-researched.  Such information can be used for your own pleasure or applied to bigger projects. What is more, the information stored on public libraries online is a lot more reliable than any other kind on the internet, so why would someone not want to use it?