How to publish an eBook?

How to publish an eBook?

Self-publishing is an idea that often scares first-time writers. After all, it is a lot easier to find a good agent, editor and public relations team at a good publishing house and leave all the heavy lifting for them. But is this always the case? Not all people are exactly pleased with their publishing experiences and more people are turning to eBooks every single day. As a new author, you need to discover which way would suit your needs the most. What might surprise you is that publishing an e-book is often not as complicated and you will get to skip certain steps like PR or sometimes even marketing. Being a published writer at the end of the day still mostly focuses on developing your ideas, writing, editing and then repeating the whole process a few more time until your manuscript is perfect. Here are some of the main points that you need to keep in mind when publishing an eBook.

Having ideas is not enough – you need to work on them!

In every published author’s life, this is the hardest part – coming up with an interesting idea and developing it into a story. Everyone has many great ideas, stories that they have written down but did not edit, articles that have been posted on their blog over many years but on completely different topics. However, just as with print, you cannot publish anything if you do not have content and simply ideas are not enough. A typical novel is usually around 100,000 words long. If you are publishing an eBook then the rules applied to the length of the book are a little bit different but the fact remains that you simply must produce content. However, once that is done you can rest assured that the hardest part is complete.

No book is completed without many hours of editing

No matter how much you might like your own work and how well you believe it is written, even if you believe that the draft is complete, trust us – you need to edit it. That is a must if you wish to have the best possibly written book that you can. And you should edit your book more than once. Firstly, you need to check your work for any idea flaws, holes, style flow and overall if the story makes sense. A second edit would focus more on the grammar and sentence structure. Some writers decide to hire professional editors to complete tasks like that, as often it is faster and more bulletproof way to improve your book.

Choose the correct eBook format

Since you have chosen to publish an eBook, then you should keep in mind that without having the right format your book will be impossible to open on certain e-readers out there. If you will be publishing on Amazon then you are in luck because now Kindle will be able to open even doc type files, but before all eBooks had to be in .prc file. However, if your targeted audience will be iPad or Nook users, then your book should be published in the .epub file format. Do not forget to do your research, every online publisher has content that explains which types of files are necessary.

A little marketing never hurt nobody

In order for your book to be truly successful, you have to market it to the right target audiences. So, once your book is complete and the right format is chosen, you might want to send a message to all of your Facebook and Twitter followers letting them know about this happy occasion. If you have a mailing list, then you can even send your followers the finished book! That will generate some buzz about your work and even leave the oh-so-necessary reviews online. There is no shame to ask your more influential friends to promote your book on any social media channels that they might be active on. You should use any help promoting you can get.

Do you have more ideas what one should do to publish an eBook? Contact us and share them! Meanwhile, good luck on the journey of publishing online!